Always on my mind

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Une musique assez stylée.

Après, tout dépend des goûts !





Mais la meilleure des Reading Rainbow reste "Always on my mind", peut-être un peu trop cool, même.



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John 11/11/2010 13:26

Hey buddy, still waiting for the song i'm waiting for, hope you know which one I mean ! Take care with johnny from LA, there's only one real john that counts. 

Peace & Love

Song of the Week 11/11/2010 14:06

Do you want a song you already know? Who's Johnny ? :)

Johnny from L.A. 11/11/2010 12:42

Oh Dude ! Love your website! You gonna be a superstar! Hope you'll get people across the whold world visiting your stuff

Wanna buy your copyrights dude

John 09/11/2010 09:27

Hello sweetie, Me and my 3 friends love your music tastes and would love to have one of the best sounds of the 70's on this website, can you manage it for next week ?

Txs dude, see ya